SEFT Level 1 Sept 21 & 22 8:30 AM–4:00 PM

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SEFT Level 1 Sept 21 & 22 8:30 AM–4:00 PM

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This is a ZOOM conference room training. Reminders and participation links will be emailed to the email you supply in this registration.

SEFT Trainers will share simple concepts and innovative practices to enhance your tapping skills.

·         You will experience comprehensive training in the Simplified EFT Tapping™ process.

·         You will discover the real “secret” of EFT. Understanding this concept will immediately make your client sessions more effective.

·         You will have the opportunity to participate in private practice groups to develop your expertise in Simplified EFT processes and tools.

·         You will learn 9 ways to make progress with clients who have been stuck in their “head bubbles.”

·         You will make connections with other students who have recognized the tremendous power of EFT and the huge potential of Simplified EFT.

·         Along with skills training and practice, you will also receive a Simplified EFT Level 1 Certificate.

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