A Work In Progress "Creating A Tiny House Village"

A Work In Progress

Creating a Tiny House Village


We are always surprised when we look back over time and see what we’ve accomplished. It’s always more than we thought it would be. Things seem to fall into place and people come into our lives when they are supposed to (apparently) to either do something or not do something. We get a lot of calls from people asking if they can come and visit the Tiny House Village here at The Sanctuary, and they can, but we need to set up appointments because we are not always here, and the residence would like to know if someone is coming, not only to potentially show their house, but just to know. The most common questions we get asked are.

Q:  How many Tiny Houses are on the property?

A:  At the moment we have 4 Tiny Houses. 2 have full time residents, 1 is a part-time getaway, and one is under construction.

Q:  Do you have any for rent, just to try out?

A:  Right now we are working on that, we will have more “temporary rentals” in the future, but for now we are more of a place to put your own Tiny House.

Q:  Do you have water, sewer and electrical hookups?

A:  We are running a 15 amp circuit to each plot. We currently do not have sewer or water hookups. The current residents are using water containment systems and composting toilets, or they are using the facilities at The Sanctuary where we have 2 full bathrooms and laundry, or a little of both.

Q:  Do you sell a piece of property to each resident?

A:  No, the land is rented per month. All property will remain The Sanctuary’s.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  Currently for YOUR home in the village it is 300.00 per month.

Q:  How do most people heat their homes?

A:  Most of the Tiny Houses use propane but electric heat is possible and wood is also an option.

Q:  How much land does everyone get?

A:  We have 80 acres, and we share the whole thing. We really don’t put boundaries around each house or lot. Our goal is to give each home its own private spot. We hope to keep privacy and solitude for each resident.

Q: Do you allow children or pets?

A: The Sanctuary is an ADULTS ONLY community. We are not set up to handle children safely, although children can visit our residents. We only allow cats that are fixed and current on their vaccinations. As with the children, solitude, nature and quiet is a part of The Sanctuary experience, dogs and children are not allowed.

Q: Can I hunt on the property?

A: We do not allow hunting or discharging of firearms on the property, although, we boarder the Mille Lacs wildlife management area where you can hunt. Our goal is to live in harmony with nature on this property.

   We know that we are limiting the population of people that are ready to live in this environment, but we are not looking to build a major population here. Just a few people who want to live as a community helping each other live a very simplistic lifestyle in nature. Like the title says, “A work in progress”. We will deal with situations as they arise, but we have a pretty good idea of what we want and don’t want.

Thanks for reading!

Bill Campbell