Have you tried every self-help tool, but never seem to find lasting change? Then it’s time to learn about EFT, an exciting new solution for personal transformation. EFT Tapping is a powerful and credible method that is quickly becoming mainstreamed. In this weekend retreat, you will discover a more positive and authentic version of your “ideal” self. Results are lasting, as this better version of yourself quickly and gently transforms into the “new you.”

·         Make life-changing transformational shifts in a single weekend

·         Make permanent desired change from the inside out

·         Eliminate that “stuck” feeling to create a more positive future

·         Make a huge step forward toward resolution of your most challenging emotional and physical concerns

·         Bring more joy into your life

·         Replace your limiting beliefs with positive affirmations that lead toward the life of your dreams

·         Allow your natural, authentic self to emerge so that you become who you want to be

Learn this powerful self-help tool directly from Valerie Lis, MA, a.k.a. “The Tapping Teacher.” Results are guaranteed.



Discover how to get results every time you tap. Clear yourself and learn how to get faster, deeper results for your clients.

  • Discover the real “secret” to getting consistent results with EFT Tapping
  • Understand the 3 primary reasons why EFT doesn’t seem to work and how to make necessary corrections so that it will
  • Go through a powerful exercise that resolves the most common core limiting beliefs
  • Learn how emotions that are not typically classified as emotions can speed up your own clearing, and improve your work with clients
  • Discover the #1 most detrimental human emotion (you would never think of it on your own!)
  • Identify and remove the most undesirable parts of yourself through the use of worst case scenarios/ creative visualizations. These techniques are especially effective for weight control and to eliminate “stuck” feelings
  • Learn how worst case scenarios can support pain relief and help you and your clients to make better decisions
  • Experience a group tapping to resolve fears of judgment and criticism
  • Discover a 4-word tapping phrase that supports clearing from persistent sadness and depression
  • Learn a charged phrase that provides gentle aid to heal through the grieving process
  • Find out what exhaustion and yawns represent during a session, and how this understanding can help make you a better practitioner
  • Recognize some of the most common hidden emotional elements that are often associated with Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, obsessions, and weight control
  • Gain 5 new ways to correct psychological reversal to prevent it from blocking results
  • Resolve core beliefs that have been holding you back to propel your EFT practice


Learn Simplified EFT™ directly from the founder Valerie Lis, MA, The Tapping Teacher. These concepts will help you to make powerful shifts within yourself. You will also learn how to make these same powerful shifts in your clients. These processes have been developed by Valerie Lis into her exclusive Simplified EFT™ tapping formulas. You will not find this information anywhere else.


BIO: Valerie Lis, MA, a.k.a. “The Tapping Teacher”

Valerie Lis has conducted hundreds of workshops and supported thousands of clients to obtain consistent, lasting results with EFT. Beginning her practice in 2001, she conducted founder Gary Craig “content-approved” Levels 1-3 for six years and, since 2011, has been a certified expert practitioner, trainer, and mentor for EFTUniverse. She has contributed chapters to numerous books including The Clinical EFT Handbook and is the author of the upcoming Simplified EFT™: Hints and Tips for Better Results. She is the founder of Simplified EFT™, including a series of tapping principles to produce faster, deeper sessions that can be blended with other styles of EFT.

A faculty member, Valerie also teaches a variety of courses at a Minnesota (U.S.) state college. In all of her roles, Valerie provides amazing self-empowering tools to her clients and audiences, supporting positive change in just minutes!