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The Sanctuary Minnesota is 80 acres of woods and trails, privately owned by Bill and Brenda Campbell. After many years of working in the corporate world, Bill and Brenda began the process of building, living and sharing a simpler way of life.


Consistent with Bill and Brenda's vision, the Tiny House Village project began in 2015. The Village has areas to park privately owned tiny houses and tiny houses owned by The Sanctuary available to rent. See the VILLAGE page for more information.


The Sanctuary has hosted events on a wide variety of subjects including tiny house workshops, yoga, breath work, and personal development. Bill and Brenda are very open minded and believe in a holistic approach to all of life.


The "Lodge", completed in 2014, is used for Sanctuary coordinated events. Events for 2019, such as tiny house workshops, yoga retreats, writing retreats, photography events, and birding weekends are in the process of being planned. Visit the EVENTS page for details.


*In order to maintain the serenity of the property and balance with nature, The Sanctuary Minnesota is an adult only community and indoor cats are the only pets allowed.


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