What's our vision? By Bill Campbell

Now that we’ve decided to create a Tiny House Village, We get many people asking us why? What is our vision? What is your long term goal?  I’m not sure if everyone can relate, but after we bought this 80 acre parcel and we started slowly turning it into what we now call The Sanctuary, we have developed friendships with others who have fallen in love with it also. Even though the peace and serenity of The Sanctuary may be, in part, tied to the lack of population, having others share in our interest of nature, and a simpler way of life, away from the city, is a real desire.  Like finding another fan of your favorite musical group or movie, you enjoy each other’s company to share and experience the joy it brings you.  We’ve had so many great times up here observing the wildlife, taking in the beauty of the night sky or the sound of the birds as sun rises in the morning.  We see the village as a continuation of these developing friendships, with Tiny Houses as being a good way for us to live together, but with enough room to feel that same peace, serenity and connection to nature. Maybe it will take awhile to fill the village with like minded friends. Maybe it won’t.  We really aren’t in any hurry.  The ultimate goal will be to create a community that will live together and utilize everyone’s skills and resources to become unburdened by mortgage debt and  be more self sufficient.  I know there are multi-family households that live together to reduce their expenses. Our community will do the same, but with much more space for everyone. We can all help each other retire as a community.  If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of,  maybe we should talk?